Terms Condition

Welcome in our online ordering service. We are presenting you a online or safe software application for online order or delivery purpose. All the information of the online ordering process are available in our website. We are here to inform you that it is very important to understand our all terms and service condition before you use our website or services.

Our terms and condition provide solution of all problems between user and our online software application. So we inform you to read carefully our all the terms and condition before you visited our website. These terms and condition also helps you to know more about our products and services and our working process (like payment process ) etc.

1.Personal Information:-
  • In our software service it is very important that you allow us to use your personal details. because it recuired.
  • We assure you that your personal information will be used to only for contact you. When we want to give you any information about your order (like your order is accepted or meals is ready etc)
  • And we also inform you that in any important situation, if we need to share your information with government , then we can share your information without your permission.
2.Changes :-
  • We change our term and services according to time and situation and we not giving you any notice to you about our changes.
  • If you want to know about the changes then you need to visit our website again.
  • We also change our product price without giving you any notice.
3.Ordering process:-
  • if you want to order the item to our online service then It is very important to use our app and login with your personal details.
  • This is your responsibility whether the item you are ordering is right for you or not.
  • Also the item price or item quantity is chosen by you. So Our Store is not responsible for this.
4.Products accuracy:-
  • We have try to display accurate color and image of our products that appear or made in our Store .
  • If its color or image in your computer or phone is not coming from the image inserted in our website, then it will not be considered the fault of our website
5.Payment andĀ Fees:-
  • Our website provides you all the available online payment methods for you.
  • According to payment process we required to your debit / credit card information only for completing the payment process and transaction purpose.
  • In terms of issues which is arising in term of transaction time or payment process, our website is not responsible .
  • Any cancellations or refunds are to be handled according to the Merchant's refunds & the action of cancelling something policies.
6.Description of service
  • Our online item ordering system is accessed via website and the mobile application.
  • Our service is subject to the given terms and conditions and can be updated at any time without existing.
  • You agree to our terms of use if you continue browsing.